Whether new component or cost-savings initiatives, ARC Group Worldwide Inc., can develop parts and materials to meet the demanding world of aerospace components. ARC has produced fasteners, compressor blades, rotors, brackets, inlets, and other aerospace components. The combination of excellent material properties, repeatable dimensional capabilities and our experience with the rigorous qualification expectations of our customers makes ARC the premier choice in MIM aerospace components.


ARC Group Worldwide is AS9100-certified, and maintains an expanding list of NADCAP approved suppliers for outside processing. In addition to common aerospace alloys such as 718, L605 and 17-4PH, we can develop custom alloys specific to your needs. Our team of engineers works hand-in-hand with the materials and design engineers of our customers to develop MIM friendly designs that fulfill component requirements while reducing cost and improving part quality. For a complete list of MIM Materials and properties see the MIM Materials Properties data sheet.






ARC had the first MIM parts in critical aircraft applications starting in 2004. Since then the expansion and applications have grown exponentially.


ARC can provide your company with a wide variety of aerospace component needs with the global capacity to develop and deliver your most critical design. These are some of the components we have produced:


Blades: Rotational and stationary blades have high complexity lending well to the tight profile capabilities combined with the smooth surface finishes provided.


Dampers: Small complex components made of hard to cast super alloys. These critical yet tiny components fit injection molding well.


Levers: Combine stamping, machining, and welding or brazing all into 1 component and save money.


Ferrules: Highly complex 3D shapes historically done via casting or machine allow customers to reduce costs and improve flow characteristics.


Avionics Controls: Tight tolerances, excellent magnetic properties with controlled grain sizes.


Clamps and Locks: Small complex components both for high temperature application and standard.


Cryogenics Brackets: Worried about upper atmosphere or space? We have alloys that work well at cryogenic temperatures.


Serialization? ARC has shipped millions of serialized components and utilizes laser engraving and marking including complex 3D barcoding.




ARC currently works with global leaders in aerospace manufacturing on cost savings projects that reduce part count, improve mechanical properties and reduce cost of items that require frequent replacement or maintenance.



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