Princeton, NJ (MPIF):  A Grand Prize has been awarded to ARC Group Worldwide in the Hardware/Appliances Category for metal injection molded (MIM) components, for a gearbox used in a drive system for motorized blinds. The component holds nine gears that rotate when actuated, to allow blinds to function with a remote-control device.

An Award of Distinction in the Aerospace/Military/Firearms Category for Metal Injection Molded (MIM) components, has been given to ARC Group Worldwide for lever actuators for vanes in a turbo-prop engine. The actuators control the angle of the variable inlet guide vanes and the variable stator vanes.

ARC Group Worldwide and their customer Cutsforth Inc., also won an Award of Distinction in the Electronic/Electrical Components Category for MIM components, for a lower beam EZ change holder for removable brush holders. They are used in brush excitation maintenance on turbine generators in the nuclear, gas, coal, wind, and hydro industries.

Winners of the 2020 Powder Metallurgy (PM) Design Excellence Awards Competition, sponsored by the Metal Powder Industries Federation (an international trade association for the metal powder producing and consuming industries), were recently announced. Receiving grand prizes and awards of distinction, the winning parts are outstanding examples of PM and MIM’s flexibility to push forward new concepts and process controls, and demonstrate the inexhaustible well of capabilities PM and MIM can marshal in the service of component design. Designers continue to choose PM and MIM for critical applications such as auto engines and transmissions, medical devices, consumer products, military applications, and more.

MIM is one of the PM-based technologies that forms metal powders into precision components used in applications such as auto engines and transmissions, hardware, industrial machinery, sporting goods, defense, and firearms.

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