ARC Group Worldwide, Inc. is a global advanced manufacturing service provider focused on accelerating speed to market for its customers.  ARC provides a holistic set of precision manufacturing solutions, from design and prototyping through full run production.  These solutions include metal injection moldingplastic injection molding, clean room plastic injection molding, and rapid and conforming tooling.  Further, ARC utilizes technology to improve automation in manufacturing through robotics, software and process automation, and lean manufacturing to improve efficiency.

ARC believes the methodologies and systems of how products get manufactured will change materially over the next 10-20 years, due to technology such as automation, robotics, software, artificial intelligence and cheaper energy prices. ARC’s objective is to be an accelerator of these technologies adoption in traditional mass-production.  The resulting change will be a world where lead times are reduced, supply chains are localized, and customers get to market in a quicker and more efficient way than they do today.

ARC’s strategy hinges on two key pillars:

(i.) Holistic Solution Provider: ARC’s customers want to consolidate their massive, convoluted supply chains.  As a result, ARC has shaped its strategy around being a “one-stop shop” for its customer base, by providing holistic solutions for metal and plastic fabrication.

(ii.) Time to Market: ARC’s customers also want to get to market as quickly as possible to stay ahead of their competition.  Today’s current manufacturing supply chain is bogged down by lengthy quoting bottlenecks, tooling time/cost and a wide array of manufacturing design complexities.  ARC’s solution, is to offer its services cradle to grave, from product development, to prototype to short- to long-run production.

With regard to the first pillar, ARC’s MIM business usually makes not only the critical component in its client’s product, but also one of the most difficult parts.  Therefore, ARC identified an opportunity to build out its product offering off the heels of its MIM business, by adding new capabilities and services in metal and plastic fabrication, to offer a more holistic solution to its customers.  As a result, ARC offers additional fabricating capabilities to its MIM part programs, which helps ARC’s customers reduce their supply chain and have a more efficient design/build process.

With regard to the second pillar, customers want reduced lead time, which can quite often be many weeks or months to get to production parts.  ARC’s approach cuts down on lead and tool time, by offering prototype and short run production parts. Our MIM technology has a wide array of plastic and metal materials, in-house tooling and a proprietary MIM Feedstock formulation process.  The other key element of getting to market quickly is reducing quoting time, which could also take weeks traditionally.

ARC offers a holistic ecosystem of products to its customer base and helps them get to market as quickly as possible for short and long run production.  ARC’s investment and focus on technology will be a key driver of the changing manufacturing landscape of the future.


The culture of ARC is focused around our core values first and foremost. Those values are expressed by each employee at ARC and we strive to create a positive environment that promotes personal growth and fosters the entrepreneurial spirit within us all. The team at ARC is driven to push the bounds and provide the best possible experience and product to our customers. 

ARC’s company history and employees set the company apart from other MIM & Plastic injection molders. Top down transparency along with common sense hands on leadership guide the team towards achieving the best results for our customers. This creates a positive environment where employees are excited to excel and are empowered. ARC aspires for excellence and integrity in everything they do.

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