MIM Properties



The Metal Injection Molding process starts with the selection or creation of a feedstock. ARC possesses an in depth knowledge of metallurgy and can guide you in making the best choice for your application.

ARC excels at producing custom mixed feedstocks of stainless-steel, cobalt and nickel-based alloys (among others) to produce metal parts with maximum strength and versatility. Our batch atmosphere furnaces deliver the most consistent stainless steel and low-carbon ferrous alloys in the industry.

Below is a small sampling of the broad spectrum of alloys we use at ARC. If you don’t see the alloy you want or you’d like to discuss a specialty alloy for your individual application.

Mechanical Properties

StainlessAustenitic3047.5874294092 HRB
StainlessAustenitic316L (MIM 316L)7.6075255067 HRB
StainlessFerritic4307.7560352565 HRB
StainlessMartensitic4207.40200174<1.067 HRB
StainlessMartensitic440C7.652862761497 HRB
StainlessPrecipitation Hardened17-4PH (MIM 17-4)7.50130106627 HRC
StainlessDuplex316L Duplex7.6084384077 HRB
Soft MagneticASTM A801 Type 149FeCo2V7.71195185136 HRC
Soft MagneticASTM A801 Type 2Fe27Co7.5580411280 HR 15T
Soft MagneticASTM A753 Type 249NiFe7.8373123880 HR 15T
Soft MagneticASTM A753 Type 480NiFeMo8.3984324081 HR 15T
Soft MagneticMIM 430L430L7.5560352565 HRB
Controlled Thermal Expansion (CTE)ASTM F15 (Kovar)FeNiCo7.8075514260 HRB
Controlled Thermal Expansion (CTE)ASTM F1684 (Invar)Alloy 36 (36NiFe)8.0062354065 HRB
Controlled Thermal Expansion (CTE)ASTM F30Alloy 42 (42NiFe)7.7971364270 HRB
Low Alloy SteelMIM 22002% NiFe7.6542184045 HRB
Low Alloy SteelMIM 27007% NiFe7.6060372669 HRB
Low Alloy SteelMIM 46052%Ni 0.35Mo 0.5C7.564301562 HRB
Low Alloy SteelCarbon Steel41407.8584571518 HRB
Low Alloy SteelTool SteelS77.40268212250 HRC
Implantable AlloysASTM F75CoCr8.099565835 HRC
Non FerrousCooperCu8.66
Non FerrousBronzeCu Sn8.18

Chemical Composition (%)

StainlessAustenitic3040.03 Max12-1317-180.3 Max1.0 MaxBalance
StainlessAustenitic316L (MIM 316L)0.03 Max8202 MaxBalance
StainlessMartensitic4200.15-0.403-515.5-17.51.0 Max1.0 MaxBalance
StainlessMartensitic4200.15-0.403-515.5-17.51.0 Max1.0 MaxBalance
StainlessMartensitic440C0.95-1.2016-180.751.0 Max1.0 MaxBalance
StainlessPrecipitation Hardened17-4PH (MIM 17-4PH)0.07 Max3-515.5-17.51.0 Max1.0 MaxBalance3.0-5.0
StainlessDuplex316L Duplex0.03 Max10-1416-182-32.0 Max1.0 MaxBalance
Soft MagneticASTM A801 Type 149FeCo2V0.025 Max0.25 Max0.15 Max0.15 Max0.15 Max47.5-49.5BalanceV 1.5-2.1
Soft MagneticASTM A801 Type 2Fe27Co0.025 Max0.25 Max0.75 Max0.35 Max0.35 Max26.5-28.5BalanceV 0.35
Soft MagneticASTM A753 Type 149NiFe0.05 Max47-490.3 Max0.30.8 Max0.5 Max0.5Balance0.3 Max
Soft MagneticASTM A753 Type 480NiFeMo0.05 Max79-820.3 Max3.5-6.00.8 Max0.5 Max0.5Balance0.3 Max
Soft MagneticMIM 430L430L0.05 Max16-181.0 Max1.0 MaxBalance
Controlled Thermal Expansion (CTE)ASTM F15 (Kovar)FeNiCo0.04 Max290.20.20.5 Max0.2 MaxBalance0.2 Max
Controlled Thermal Expansion (CTE)ASTM F1684 (Invar)Alloy 36 (36NiFe)0.05 Max360.25 Max0.5 Max0.2 MaxBalance0.2 Max
Controlled Thermal Expansion (CTE)ASTM F30 (Invar)Alloy 42 (42NiFe)0.005 Max420.25 Max0.8 Max0.03 Max1.0 MaxBalance
Low Alloy SteelMIM 22002% NiFe0.01 Max1.5- MaxBalance
Low Alloy SteelMIM 27007% NiFe0.01 Max6.5- MaxBalance
Low Alloy SteelMIM 46052%Ni 0.35Mo 0.5C0.4-0.61.5-2.50.2-0.51.0 MaxBalance
Low Alloy SteelCarbon Steel41400.041 Max1.010.230.67Balance
Low Alloy SteelTool SteelS70.45-0.700.3 Max2.5-3.51.0-1.80.2-0.90.2-1.0BalanceV 0.35
Implantable AlloysASTM F75CoCr275Balance
Non FerrousCopperCu100
Non FerrousBronzeCuSn90Sn 9-10
Non FerrousTitanium Ti-6Al-4VTi 6-40.08 Max0.4 MaxAl 5.5-6.5, V 3.5-4.5
SuperalloysPrecipitation HardenedA-2860.08 Max24-2713.5-161.0-1.52.0 Max1.0 MaxBalanceTi 1.90-2.35
SuperalloysPrecipitation HardenedAlloy 7180.08 Max50-5517-212.8-3.30.35 Max0.35 MaxBalanceNb 4.7-5.5
SuperalloysPrecipitation HardenedAlloy 713LC0.05-0.10 MaxBalance11.5-12.54.0-5.00.2 Max0.5 MaxAl 5.5-6.5
SuperalloysPrecipitation HardenedAlloy 900.13 MaxBalance18-211.0 Max1.0 Max0.2 Max15-211.5 MaxTi 2.0-3.0, Al 1.0-2.0
SuperalloysSolution SolidL-6050.05-0.159-1119-211.0-2.00.4 MaxBalance3.0 MaxW 14-16
SuperalloysSolution SolidAlloy 1880.05-0.1520-2420-241.25 Max0.2-0.5Balance3.0 MaxW 13-16
SuperalloysSolution SolidMAR-M-5090.55-0.659-1123.00-24.250.1 Max0.3 MaxBalance2.0 Max0.1W 6.5-7.5, Ta 3.0-4.0
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