Whether new components or cost-savings initiatives, ARC Group Worldwide Inc. excels at developing parts and materials to meet the demanding world of defense-industry components. ARC is a major supplier of precision components for the most challenging defense applications. The combination of excellent material properties, repeatable dimensional capabilities and our experience with rigorous qualification and validation expectations makes ARC the premier choice in MIM and Polymer defense components.

ARC is ISO13485 (Medical), TS16949 (Automotive), AS9100 (Aerospace) certified, and maintains an expanding list of approved suppliers for outside processing. In addition to common firearm materials such as 17-4PH, 4605, 4140, and 400 series stainless steels, we can develop custom alloys specific to your needs. Our team of engineers works hand-in-hand with our customer’s engineers to develop MIM-friendly designs that fulfill component requirements while reducing cost and improving part quality. For a complete list of MIM Materials and properties see the MIM Materials Properties data sheet.

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In today’s global market, being first is the key, and being able to trust your companies’ needs is crucial to staying on top of your industry market.

For more than two decades, ARC Group Worldwide has been the leader in defense and firearm components industry. ARC can provide your company with a wide variety of defense and firearm component needs with the global capacity to develop and deliver your most critical design. ARC Group Worldwide can help you in:

  • Complex polymer magazine for NATO Compatible weapons.
  • Triggers and Hammers Kits for rifles and handguns.
  • Navigation system components.
  • Mount and sight systems for firearms.
  • Internal and major components for military class firearms.
  • Electronic cases and chassis for advance defense communication devices.
  • Precision guided munitions components.
  • Fiber Optic enclosures.
  • Custom alloy components for aeronautical and aerospace vessels.

Our experience in design, product development, and manufacturing will ensure that your current or future projects will meet all the industry standards. Our technical staff can assist you in answering all your business needs. Please Contact Us or Request a Quote.

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